Research and Publication Office

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In order to best educate and prepare future medical and health science professionals to provide high quality service in their respective fields, we are committed to excellence in research. Indeed, the Adama Hospital Medical College has strong ambition to make a research as tool to solve future health problem. We are encouraging researches to be conducted in numerous areas that contribute for the provision of quality education and medical services. Our thematic areas for research include:

  • Reproductive health and related services including: Antennal care, Delivery care, postnatal care, Abortion and post abortion care, Family planning, Maternal and child nutrition, Child abuse, Adolescent health, immunization
  • Communicable diseases including TB, HIV/AIDS, malaria, schistomiasis, typhoid, and neglected tropical diseases such as trachoma, leishemaniasis, geohelminths and elephantiasis.
  • Non-communicable diseases: including diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular diseases, mental illnesses, oral diseases, cancer, substance abuse, and injuries
  • Health Care system related such as accessibility, equitability and quality of health care-includes:
    • Cultural, social and spiritual factors associated with accessibility of health care. 
    • Factors Affecting health care utilization quality, and equity 
    • Mechanisms of developing community ownership to health care safety, integration, and development of traditional medical practice 
    • Client satisfaction and efficiency of health systems
    • Health care financing and challenges in Ethiopia
    • Primary health and implantation modalities
  • Impact of environment and globalization on health–includes:
    • Climate change and health
    • Industrialization and health
    • Urbanization and health 
    • Water and sanitation
    • Occupational health