Mission and Vission

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Purpose statement, Vision, goal and Values
The center adheres to the central mission of the college in preparing students & the staffs who can fulfill the role and responsibilities of professionals within the society on the basis of theory, practice & research.
The vision is to be one of the best centers of excellence in medical and health sciences education, research and training resource center in the country by the year 2020.
The main goal of the center is to build the capacity of health professionals, standardize the quality of medical and health science education, conduct problem solving health and medical education research and implementing projects.

  • Student first: Students   are the most important person, treating students in different ways not only because they are our customers rather because they are people.
  • Quality for all: Quality is the foundation for everything we do & continuous quality improvement.
  • Team problem solving: - value teamwork to compensate the weakness of some in the group by the strength of others in the same group.