Mission and Vission

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  • To see Adama Hospital Medical College being a center of excellence in research that contributes for the health of community.


  • To generate new knowledge that contribute for the promotion of health, prevention of disease and longevity of life by engaging in scientific medical and public health researches


  • To formulate and update research thematic and priority areas that fuels the development agenda   of the nation by considering national and regional problems and relevant international trends;
  • To create enabling environment for staff and students to conduct high quality, multidisciplinary and need based research;
  • To mobilize resources and undertake need based research through strong linkage,  partnership and consultancy;
  • To disseminate the research outputs which enable stakeholders to make informed decisions;
  • To link research to teaching and services thereby improving the internal capacity of the university  and  make research integral part of the teaching and learning process; and
  • To enhance internal, regional, national and international collaboration to promote research and innovation and disseminate technology, knowledge and information.