Message from the Department

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Welcome to the Department of Public Health and thank you for visiting our site. If you are looking for a rewarding career where you can make a difference, take the time to explore more about Public Health department.

The public health department is very young which was established in 2011 as the previous Referral Hospital is grown to Medical College. The aim of the department is advancing principles and knowledge of primary health care in educating quality health care professionals who meet the need for the 20th century health problems. The department engaged in community attachment education system so that the students had practical experience of primary health care system. The college takes pride in its commitment to education and operational researches in which the department engaged to solve the community health and health related problems.

It is obvious that going through health science and medical education is harder requiring day and night work since challenges are innumerable and the activities need commitment and compassionate art of care.

The department academicians are committed to provide you the best education in public health profession. Our skilled and young staffs provide you excellent knowledge and experience in academic activity, research proposal development, data analysis using statistical soft wares and manuscript writing for publication.

We ensure the college will train tomorrow's health and medical leaders, secure in the knowledge that they will be well prepared to practice their chosen department and to meet the needs of the public.

Tilaye Workneh (MPH/Epidemiologist)

Lecturer of Public Health Department