Adama Hospital Medical college future plan

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Vice President for Academics at JU, Dr. Taye  Tolemariam  presented a condensed annual report of the University in which he highlighted the University’s effort to increase students admission capacity as per its new five years strategic plan (2016- 2020). As part of meeting the plan JU boosted its students admission capacity and is now training 38,862 students in 62 undergraduate, 101 Maters and 15 PhD programs. He further underlined that in addition to curriculum based trainings, JU has also been organizing short term capacity building courses as per the demands of newly opened universities and government institutions at federal and regional level in order to contribute its share in resolving the dearth of skilled man power in different fields. Scholars at JU are also undertaking problem based and community oriented researches and has organized several workshops to disseminate research findings in addition to publishing of research outcomes in various national and international journals.

Speaking on the occasion and the guest of honor of the event, His Excellency Mr. Ahmed Tusa Dalu after passing his warm congratulations to the graduates and their parents, he said that the graduates are entering into a new era where they have to shoulder new and challenging responsibilities- they must hold the qualities of a good citizen and the kind of professionals the country is demanding at this high time of fighting against poverty.

In his speech, he mentioned that education is the key to achieve the aspiration for development in Ethiopia, as can be learned from the economically advanced countries of the world. In line with that the government has given due attention to expand education and huge investment has taken place in the sector at all levels, among which higher education is the major one. He finally conveyed his core message to the graduates in which he underlined that the graduates should not be job seekers but creators.

During the graduation, special awards were given to students who brought up new technological innovations while doing their project work as partial fulfillment of the requirements for their degree during the academic year.

At the subsequent stages the Head of the Registrar Dr. Getachew Seyoum and Deans presented the graduates in their respective colleges and outstanding students from each program have also received awards from the guest of honor, His Excellency Mr, Ahmed Tusa.  Finally the commencement was wrapped up with a visit to an exhibition, which highlighted some of the major activities and achievements of most units in the University.