Academic and Research Wing of the College

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Message from the Academic and Research Vice Provost
Adama Hospital Medical College feels the national urgency of training higher medical professionals to meet minimum physician to population ratio. With this goal, AHMC was established in 2011 GC. Even though it is only few years since its establishment, the college has taken decisive steps in program expansion and quality training. In addition to medical students, the college is training students with programs of masters of Integrated Emergency Surgery and Gyn/Obs and Residency in general surgery and Gyn/Obs.
Following request from Oromia Regional Health Biro, we are also training anesthesia Level V and Radiographers Level III and IV. The critical shortage of these lower professionals was also shared with the region as our hospital and affiliated hospitals were some of the real evidences.
Recently, the college continued its expansion by launching training on Masters of Public Health and Masters in Public Microbiology. With our long vision and strong commitment, more training programs are to come. Already two specialty programs namely, Specialty Certificates in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics and Child Health are in pipe line. I presume Adama Hospital Medical College will grasp available opportunities and continue to grow to fulfill its vision and mission by committing itself to quality education.


  • We inspire seeing Adama hospital Medical College being center of excellence in the country in terms of producing high level health professionals and advancing in research activities.


  • To produce competent, motivated and committed medical professionals for the 21st century, who can provide highest standard health care to the Ethiopian population

Academic Offices

Academic Programs

  • Undergraduate Medical Education (NMEI)
  • IESO
  • Residency in General Surgery
  • Residency in Gynecology and Obstetrics
  • Masters in general PH
  • Masters in Public Microbiology
  • Anesthesia Level V
  • Radiography Level III/IV

Academic Departments

  • Biomedical Department
  • Public Health Department
  • Department of Internal Medicine
  • Department Pediatrics and Child Health
  • Department Surgery
  • Department Gynecology and Obstetrics
  • Department Ophthalmology
  • Department Dermatology
  • Department Psychiatry
  • Department Dentistry
  • Department Orthopedics


Staff Profile    of Academic and Research wing of AHMC, 2008 E.C

Structure of Academic and research Wing

Affiliated Hospital/Institutions
Adama Hospital Medical College had signed MOU and started working with Affiliated Hospitals. Main activity done so far was utilization of these hospitals for training IESO and Resident students. The affiliated hospitals were selected in conjunction with FMoH after evaluation of their status for patient load and availability of senior clinicians. Up-to-date; Bishoftu, Shashamane and Assala Hospital were our affiliates.

Different Extra activities by the academic wing
Adama Hospital Medical College is taking part in producing health task forces in the country in general and in the region in particular. In line with this, the college had been consistently used as COC examination center for different health professions. It is also hosting and training students of different professions from different private and governmental institutions. To mention some, Rift Valley University, Adama General Hospital Medical College and Ambo University were our beneficiaries.

Staff profiles

Name: Dr. Tolossa Eticha Chaka                   
Academic Rank: Assistant Professor
Field of specialization: Pediatrics and Child Health
College: Adama Hospital Medical College
Position: Academic and Research Vice Provost since Nov, 2014
1. Bacterial isolates from Health care workers and their dominant hands working at Black Lion Specialized Hospital, 2013, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. (Submitted for publication)
2. Abebe TW, Chaka TE, Misgana GM, Adlo AM (2016) Determinants of Survival among Adults on Antiretroviral Therapy in Adama Hospital Medical College, Oromia Regional state, Ethiopia. J HIV AIDS 2(1): doi http://dx.doi. org/10.16966/2380-5536.117

Student Profile       

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